The Niall Mellon Township Trust

Ordinary people making a difference, real heroes…

If you’ve never heard of the Niall Mellon Township Trust you should take a moment to check it out.

Started in 2002 by Niall Mellon they provide new housing for the poorer communities in the South Africa townships. They built 150 homes in their first year and over the six years that followed 11,000 homes were completed in total.

The construction work is carried out by volunteers who travel as a group once a year to South Africa. Each individual raises revenue which helps to fund the travel and accomodation, and to purchase the materials required for the building work itself.

It looks like good fun, lots of hard work, satisfaction, smiling faces, and houses to be proud of.

Over 1300 volunteers from 13 different countries went out in the 2008 blitz and here’s a video of the Dublin party heading off (nice soundtrack and inspiring stuff),

and here’s a link to the website (see what they do when they get there!)

We think they’re fantastic, keep up the great work.


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