Calling the Clans

Wandering the web tonight brought me to a site run by the MacAuliffe family from Newmarket. They organise a fantastic rally every four years where clan members meet up from around the world and celebrate their Irish family heritage. (“Newmarket stands in what was once Clanawley, the ancient McAuliffe clan lands”).

This got me to thinking that it might be useful to start a ‘clan’ section on, where we could provide links back to family or clan sites with the Irish surname as the title of the article. Anyone searching their surname here would be able to find references that would help them with their search.

So, the next entry in the new ‘Clans’ section will be titled MacAuliffe (and its variations) and will have for example a link to the MacAuliffe Clan Home Page.

If you have a family or clan website and would like it to appear here let us know and we’ll include it.


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