MacAuliffe Clan

Gaelic: MacAmhlaoibh.

Anglicised variations: Mac-Auliffe, McAwliffe, Mac Auliff, McAufflie, McAuliffee, McCouliff, Couliff, Mc Culliff, Culliff, Cauliff, Auliffe, McCorlif, McCorliff, Mac Auliffe, MacAuliffe, Macaulife, McAuliffe, MacAuliff, McAuliff, McAulliffe, MacCauliffe, McCauliffe, McAlliffe, McOlliff, McOlive.

County of origin: Cork.
Home place: Newmarket.

Far beyond the bountiful Allo,
and westward of Glen Celsian of the stately trees,
in a fair land of great prosperity,
it is the the domain of the noble MacAuliffe

Website: The Clan MacAuliffe of Duhallow

Brilliant site!


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