I was introduced to a short film by Ronan Gallagher last week, a film called ‘Spirit’.
I had’nt heard of it before, (Ronan is based in NW Ireland and we’re down in the SW), but having watched it it felt as meaningful here as i’m sure it does in his own county of Leitrim.

In fact i think it would have the same reverberation for anyone with an Irish connection as it captures something that is always quite difficult to put a finger on, that sense of a heritage founded in our relationship with the land.

The film recounts the personal feelings of local people and their appreciation of what is around them. Set to a musical background that conjures up a spiritual awareness of time and place it is a joy to watch, and a reminder of one of those things that bind us together.

You can watch Spirit here

and catch some of Ronans other films such as ‘Three Days in Summer’ (a film on John McGahern) at ironmountainmovies.com



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