C103 – not on our wavelength!

UTV/C103 amputate a limb…

Initially I was reluctant to post this as it’s ‘bad news’, however what has shone through are the people who stand up for what they believe in – people who don’t like to be taken for granted, and who feel strongly about their community.

Where are these people and this inspirational spirit – right here in West Cork!

So what’s the story?

It revolves around the local community radio programme, West Cork Today, operated by C103/UTV and hosted by the intelligent and charismatic presenter David Young. The programme was dropped without notice on the 14th April, and the audience were given no explanation as to why one of their favourite programmes simply ‘disappeared’.

A subsequent press statement from C103 stated that “this is just another aspect of stream-lining. What we have done is nothing out of the ordinary”.

This didn’t fit with the CEO’s own comments last year when he said we will continue to satisfy listeners with our distinctively local talk shows for the north and west Cork regions.

Apart from losing a valued programme that was integral to community life, the people of the region did not taken kindly to an action that showed little respect or courtesy.

Having been taken by surprise a kickback emerged. Online bloggers and web-site owners made their voices heard, people were talking on the street, and an online petition was launched to allow others to have their say.

In no particular order here’s a few of those who found ways to express their opinion:

Calvin Jones – give West Cork its voice back

Quentin Gargan – C103, here today gone tomorrow

Conor O’Neill – C103 loses the plot!

Politics.ie – David Young for the Late Late Show!

Feckthat.com – West Cork Today axed by UTV

Ann Donnelly with News and Views – West Cork Today, and tomorrow?

myguideireland.com – recognising the value of the West Cork Today programme

West Cork Greens – Declan Waugh and the decline of local radio

Food Culture West Cork – Ivan McCutcheon: disgusted with this decision by UTV Media

Senator Michael McCarthy, Labour Party Cork South West – A Big Blow

And the petition at www.ipetitions.com

We’ll keep this updated, and even if the ship goes down it won’t be like those old wrecks that used to disappear on a dark night slipping silently beneath the waves.

Update: July 2009 – Well UTV/C103 didn’t listen, and the 20 year old institution that was ‘West Cork Today’ has come to an end. Best wishes to the talented presenter, David Young, and we’re sure he’ll pop up again somewhere to interest and entertain a new audience in his own inimitable way.

What does it all mean here – simple really, the show isn’t as local, the vibe aint quite there, and the radio isn’t tuned to C103 any more (pity really).



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