Cubic Telecom and Qik

Another bright light sailing firmly into view is the Cork based firm Cubic Telecom.

Pat Phelan started the company in 2006 and their competitive product helps travellers stay in touch without breaking the bank. They are on the move and it gets even more interesting when other companies take notice and like what they see.

Announced last night, Cubics latest deal (and part of an impressive track record) is with US start-up Qik, to whom they’ll provide branded Sim cards. This should save Qik customers up to 80 per cent on international telephone and data charges.

I just popped over to the Qik website for a look and love the reciprocal gesture – anyone signing up in the first month gets the chance of a free a trip to Ireland – give it to everyone we say!

Amongst other things Qik users will be able to stream video live and share their moments from all corners of the planet, “it’s like sending a live video postcard to your friends and family from wherever you are.”

Seems to fit nicely with our own take on connectivity and moments! and just goes to show that despite the doomy gloomy stuff, if you’ve got the drive and good ideas people get attracted and exciting things still happen.

Well done CT.


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