Dublin Artists

Some people acquire art as investment, others because its the in thing, but maybe the best way is simply to buy when you like what you see. Ireland has a great wealth of artistic talent and today it’s ‘Dublin Day…’

Valerie Byrne
“I am an artist who likes to make the world smile. I observe the odd things, the normal, the abnormal, the absurd, and the comical and create a world within a real world setting.”

James Callis
A selection of original Oil and Acrylic paintings many of them depicting the Irish landscape.

Roger Cummiskey
Roger is a Dublin Watercolourist, living between Ireland and southern Spain. He has developed a unique individual style and specializes in paintings that take their themes and titles from the wanderings and writings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Miguel de Cervantes and other Literary and Historical personalities.

Carla Daly
Carla Daly is an illustrator specializing in nursery arts and artwork for kids.

Peter Dee
Peter works mainly in oils, painting various subjects including landscapes, seascapes and still life compositions.

Joe Dunne
Delicate and precise portrait work.

Felim Egan
His abstract paintings are almost landscapes, with a magical quality that his neighbour, the poet Seamus Heaney, has aptly described “a balance of shifting brilliances”.

Jim Fitzpatrick
His ornate, colourful and intensely decorative Celtic artwork is now so well-known and unique that it is instantly recognisable.

Paul Flynn
Pauls art is influenced by Irish landscape, culture, writers, storytellers, the people and all aspects of Irish life which in itself has a story to tell.

Katarzyna Gajewska
“My painting process is something between my dreams and documentation. My art is situated in the middle; not in the realistic and not in the abstract, in popular meaning.

I am looking for human simplicity and complexity in the same way.”

Guggi has exhibited his minimalistic paintings, representations of bowls and vessels, in various galleries, including the Tony Shafrazi Gallery (New York), the Osborne Samuel Gallery (London) and the Solomon Gallery (Dublin).

Brendan Higgins
“I produce pop art style portraits with the aim of creating artwork that is accessible by everyone, absolutely unique, affordable in price and of the highest quality.”

Liz Kane
“I like abstract compositions for their ability to express abstract concepts in a playful way, while inviting the viewer to explore another view of what may or may not be, that which is understood as content.”

Alan Kenny
There is a great sense of both a spiritual as well as an aesthetic attitude in Alan’s work. Each painting, with its elegant yet potent calligraphic lines, flattened composition and exaggerated perspectives resonates a kind of chaotic, yet idyllic sense of fun and humour.

Graham Knuttel
Initially renowned for his large wooden mechanical structures, Graham Knuttel has more recently emerged as a painter with a rapidly growing international reputation.

Jonathan Knuttel
“I love the conflict between rushes of vibrant colour and bold, stark lines. Colour gives roundness to a surface, depth in the feeling of a surface. Colour is the rhythm, form and mood of a picture.”

Louis le Brocquy
“I sometimes think of the activity of painting as a kind of archaeology – an archaeology of the spirit.”

Gena Lynam
Her impressionistic seascapes, landscapes and flower studies are widely shown in major galleries in the West and South of Ireland and in Dublin. Her work is also held in many private collections around the world.

Tony Lynch
“Currently i am painting landscapes in oil, having just completed oil portraits, mainly of Irish traditional musicians.”

Anne Madden
Anne represented Ireland at the 1965 Paris Biennale. In 1999 she painted Empyrius on the vaulted ceiling of the International Contemporary Art Centre in France.

Louise Mansfield
Louise exhibits her work throughout Europe. Her most recent shows were solo shows in London and Dublin as well as being invited to the Biennale in Florence, Italy.

Anna Matykiewicz
Painting, drawing, stained glass, photography and visual art.

Brian McCarthy
The old master influence goes beyond his use of light and shadow – it’s as though his paintings are a synthesis whereby traditional techniques are fused with his own modern ideas.

Joe McGuinness
“If you happen to be in Dublin any Sunday afternoon, say hello to me there on Merrion Square where you will find me exhibiting my works.”

Simon Meyler
Always receptive to diverse artistic styles, he has explored every aspect with the aim of forging an innovative interpretation of everyday subjects, which has matured into a style that is uniquely his own.

Carmel Mooney
…her latest sculptures of “submerged” glass were exhibited at the the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, Merrion Sq., Dublin.

John Morris
“My paintings are about light and the effects of light on objects such as figures, water, landscape; they are about minute colour changes.”

Laura Mulligan
Her expressive paintings are full of movement, and as a colourist she uses a vibrant and intense palette. She draws her inspiration from the desire to commit to canvas the essence of a mood, a feeling, or a fleeting moment, and from the wild landscapes of Ireland and other countries, such as Morocco, France and Mexico.

Roisin O’Shea
Róisín O’Shea is an internationally published water-colour artist. Her work is reproduced in many forms including fine art prints, calendars, books, greetings cards, placemats and collector’s plates.

David Quinn
David exhibits with the Taylor Galleries, Kildare Street, Dublin.

James Quinn
He works with Acrylic on canvas, mixed media, and also with digital imagery. The work is probably best classified by the era in which it is produced rather than attributing a ‘style’ to it.

“Rasher” – Mark Kavanagh
After attracting interest with several self-mounted shows, he held a successful one-man show in Dublin which led to newspaper profiles, and an appearance on the Late Late Show. Since then he has established himself as one of the most interesting painters of his generation.

Owen Rohu
Owen exhibits with galleries in Dublin, Clifden, Cork and Westport. His paintings are held privately in Ireland, Australia and the U.S.A

Paul Ryan
” My intention is not to try and imitate but evoke and reflect, to portray an idea of the coastal landscape being an idealised space leaving room for an emotional response.”

Vivienne St Clair
“Painting can be many things. For me painting is about observing and learning. I paint the things I love, usually driven by the beauty of what is before me.”

Conor Walton
Conor Walton was born in Dublin in 1970 and studied in the National College of Art and Design, from which he graduated in 1993 with a Joint Honours Degree in the History of Art and Fine Art (Painting).

Karen Wilson
“The subject of my paintings are varied and include landscapes, poppies, roses and more recently lilies, nearly taking the subject to abstraction. My medium is mainly oil or acrylic in an impasto style on block canvas. I paint from life and follow the seasons to source my inspiration.”

…and if your mind wants to wander further you should also check out the bad art gallery and their ‘RHA UNSELECTED SHOW’ running from May 14 – June 4th 2009!

Nothing suits the rarefied world of fine art like a breath of fresh air, and it’s blowing right now along Francis Street in Dublin – the Sunday Business Post.



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