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Connectivity across the diaspora comes in all shapes and sizes.

Traditionally Ireland is known for its strong international ties where home grown organisations strive to support Irish cultural and charitable communities abroad, but in recent years this ‘hands across the water’ philosophy has also started to penetrate into Irish businesses looking to achieve mutual economic benefit.

One of the latest moves is the hook-up between IrishCentral, the Irish Times, and where the three have agreed a strategy for offering advertising and additional exposure in each of their respective markets.

Whilst this has an obvious economic flavour that will appeal to advertisers, it could also have other more subliminal spin offs – like strengthening that sense of a global Irish diaspora that is able to work together.

Irish Central

Taking the diaspora relationship a step further, one wonders why other Ireland-based mainstream media organisations havn’t done more to engage with Irish communities abroad. Why not for example have a television counterpart to RTEs Nationwide, let’s call it Worldwide! where time is given to reporting on Irish community life in other countries.

As it stands, Ireland waits for St Patricks day to fill television schedules with snapshots presenting the diaspora as people who don the green once a year for a knees up! It is rare to see reports in Ireland that let the Irish at home know what is going on with the Irish abroad. Any move that helps to close this gap would have to be a good thing.

It’s a two-way street, and in that spirit here’s the IrishCentral article on their new partnerships.



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