Pathways to Palestine

Ever thought of cycling to Gaza?

Pathways to Palestine – Slí Phalaistín – are a team of Irish cyclists planning to do just that, and they’ll be setting off on their 4000 mile trip in just 7 hours and 28 minutes from now!

Their aim is to raise public awareness and generate funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), a charity set up to counter the effects of the ongoing blockade in Palestine. The team specifically chose MAP because of their track record in delivery of aid and their commitment to long term development projects.

Gearóid, John, Eoghan and Rowan.

Gearóid, John, Eoghan and Ronan.

The cyclists, all university students in their 20s, are Gearóid Ó Cuinn, John Mayer, Eoghan Quinn, and Ronan Sheehan. Eoghan himself is a Type 1 diabetic, and the idea originally stemmed from a conversation about what it would be like to have diabetes in Palestine.

Their concern about the plight of the Gazan civilians has grown over the last months so they decided to get involved and help do something about it. They will be backed up by their able support team of two – John Lyttle and Tom Watts.

Tom Watts

Tom Watts

John Lyttle

John Lyttle

To be honest this is one hell of a ride. Starting in Scotland, across to Northern Ireland, down the country and over to France, the guys will then be cycling through Germany, Austria, Slovekia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, with rest breaks only after every six days – wow!

You can help support the team, and keep track of their journey on the Pathways to Palestine website.

This is a great cause and we wish them luck, success, and a safe journey all the way.


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