Ballydehob Summer Festival 2009

If you’re anywhere near Ballydehob from the 7th to 17th August get on your hat and come down town! You can be good, you can be bad, and if you’re ugly that’s even better!cowboy:-)

Yep it’s that time again – it’s the Ballydehob Wild West Summer Festival !

Fun and frolics, live music, dancing, trad boats, sport, crazy races, cowboys and indians, fireworks, talent competitions, healthy walks! and loads of other stuff.

The sherrif is friendly, the cowboys are cool, and the indians – well they just hang around smokin cheroots and smiling at everyone!

Great fun.

Here’s the programme: Ballydehob Summer Festival 2009

or you can scroll through the window below… yeehaw!and a taster – Electric Guilt Trip…

Dave Peyton at Dockside Studio from Dockside Studio on Vimeo.


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