Hill of Tara

There’s something about the Hill of Tara that instinctively makes you feel it’s at the core of Irelands heritage, that it’s part of the spirit of Ireland, and that somehow it links us all through its ancient history.

Maybe it’s what we don’t know, or possibly it’s to do with age and mythology, but whatever it is there is an inner sense that tells us we should be looking after it.

Hill of Tara contains a number of ancient monuments, and, according to tradition, was the seat of Árd Rí na hÉireann, or the High King of Ireland. It’s also thought it was the political and spiritual capital of Ireland from the time of the first Celtic influence until the 1169 invasion of Richard de Clare. The complete story of the wider area around Hill of Tara remains untold, and there is still a lot to be learnt.

TaraWatch has submitted a complaint to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, seeking intervention by the UN. Maybe there’s hope that further destruction can be averted and the basis for the intervention is explained in detail at the TaraWatch website.

In truth, the rerouting of a planned motorway shouldn’t be beyond the capability of man, and any minister of government who puts aside the them and us mentality and makes this decision would surely have the ‘feel good factor’ in the long run. I know I wouldn’t want to be questioning what i’d done in the calmer light of day – and hardly a good epitaph!

We should collectively cherish the Hill of Tara as one of the great symbols of our history, be proud of what it represents, preserve it unspoilt for tourists and those of Irish heritage to enjoy, and protect it for the benefit of future generations.

Time to put the tiger on a diet!

SAVE TARA – Sign the Petition to Unesco.
(The iPetitions donation is voluntary – your signature and comment will be recorded regardless.)

Smithsonian puts Hill of Tara on list of endangered must-sees

Discovery Programme: Tara is one of the best-known and important ancient sites in Ireland.

Hill of Tara nominated for World Heritage Site status


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