Mercury Girl Inc

‘Location location location’ – ‘connection connection connection’ !

Here’s a new way to stay in touch, wherever you are in the world…

Mercury Girl Inc are the first Irish software company to specialise in smartphone applications, and they can keep you closer to home than you think.

Mercury Girl IncSome of their most popular apps, (currently free to download), are the Today FM and Newstalk radio players. With over 2000 new users every day they’re providing a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening back in Ireland.

Who’s behind it? Tim Duggan and John Callaghan are the founders, and they currently have four applications online, eight in production, and as many as 30 more in the pipeline. Looking for an Irish pub – check out ‘iPub’, peeking in the fridge and wondering what to cook tonight – ‘twecipe’ to the rescue!

All sits nicely with keeping the diaspora connected – great apps and well done guys.


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