Tarawatch have just started a new online petition and are looking for one million signatures to help save the Hill of Tara. The petition will be submitted to the UN Headquarters in New York City.

An exceptionally worthwhile cause so if you do nothing else after arriving here please spend a minute signing, and help reach that target!

Enter your name and where you live (this gives it validity), and optionally add your thoughts.
This is what i wrote:

‘Your Personal Comment’
The relevance of the Hill of Tara shouldn’t need to be justified – it is simply one of Irelands most ancient and important heritage sites. Sweeping it away is something the neanderthals might have done, surely we are more sophisticated in our thinking this day and age.

‘Why you think it is the responsibility of the UN to protect the Hill of Tara?’
The UN can stand back from what is currently happening and look at it more objectively. They can bring better vision and foresight, and can point out to Ireland the importance and value of protecting Ireland’s heritage.

There’s a click box if you want to receive ‘Care2 Action Alerts’ – I turned it off.

and an option to ‘Spread the word’ where you can tell 5 of your email contacts about the issue.

Tarawatch are at the forefront of the fight to save the Hill of Tara, and they need support from the Irish and Irish descent around the world. If this is new to you you can get the story here.

Here’s the link to the petition again: add your name, and help save Irelands heritage.


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