VSS Enterprise

You might need a drink or two before this ride, and possibly a skinful when you return.

Yep, it’s a whole new meaning to a taste of the black stuff – Guinness have teamed up with Richard Branson to celebrate 250 years of brewing, and you (yes you!) can win a trip into space.

VSS Enterprise – SpaceShipTwo
William Shatner (Captain Kirk) was offered a ride – “I do want to go up but I need guarantees I’ll definitely come back”. Don’t know what he was worried about – “beam me down Scotty” !

Bransons venture is known as Virgin Galactic (i keep thinking ‘Space Virgins’!) and you can get all the details about the competition at the Guinness website – you’ll have to navigate a bit, but hey if you’re going to fly a spaceship…

VSS Enterprise
Richard: We’re going to the sun next time.
Paddy: Won’t it get a bit hot?
Richard: We’re not that stupid, we’re going at night!
Paddy: Feck it, count me in then!



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