Electric Guilt Trip

Late night in from the Ballydehob Festival (it aint over yet!) – fantastic music all over town, great buzz, big crowd, and happy people dancing, chatting, drinking and swinging – humanity at it’s best!

Pam and Killian - Jeez we're in Ballydehob

Pam and Killian - Jeez we're in Ballydehob

The totally tickling world championship turnip race, mad fellas drinking and pushing friends in wheel barrows, pig racing, the bride and groom (big congratulations!) who just happened to be in the village – they didn’t know what was coming but oh they got into the spirit! Alan and his chip van feeding the masses, and people groovin to the beat, totally unique!

Special mention for Electric Guilt Trip – outdoor rock concert village style! Buzz galore! and Skazz jazzin it up in Vincent O’Mahoneys (O’Briens bar) – the floor was pounding, big smiles, and the sweat of carelessness all round!

Blame the Guinness – but sometimes it just works and you know when you and everyone else have really enjoyed the night!

In the mood!

In the mood!

Did I forget to say there’s also tomorrow… bedtime!


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