Irish Independent

Every month there are approx 200,000 Google searches for the ‘Irish Independent’ newspaper, so I thought it’d be interesting to get an idea of the percentages from various countries.

Here’s the breakdown:

50,000 in UK
27,000 in the US
8,000 in Australia
6,600 in Canada
1,000 in New Zealand

(Most of the rest are probably in Ireland itself).

The numbers seem to fit fairly well with the shape of the diaspora:

UK 2001: 674,786 Irish born.
US 2000: 269,832 Irish born.
Australia 2006: 72,050 Irish born.
(Hard to find numbers for Canada and NZ but indications seem to match the search ratio).

The pattern supports the expectation that Irish born people would be more likely to stay in touch with what’s happening at home, else the number of searches in the US would be far higher (the US has approximately 6 times the number of Irish descent compared to the UK).

Also interesting that the newspaper’s online readership appears to be roughly 50% international.

Anyway just a quick observation, and here’s the Irish Independent headlines today!


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