Global Economic Forum

The Irish Global Economic Forum starts in Farmleigh on September 18 and draws together, amongst others, some of the most influential members of the Irish diaspora. The idea was inspired by David McWilliams and is being organised and managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs, headed up by Michael Martin.

This has optimistic and positives vibes, and maybe the best way to reflect what it’s about is to quote some words from the people at the heart of it…

Global Irish Economic Forum
‘A national effort to reach out to the most successful and influential members of Ireland’s diaspora…’

‘to explore how the Irish, at home and abroad, and those with a strong interest in Ireland, can work together’

‘to harness the talents ‘of people who are conscious of worldwide trends in business and technology’’ and “find ways to network this global diaspora more effectively…’

‘it’s time to re-imagine the country so that we become the guardian of the exiled Irish. This is why the Global Irish Economic Conference in Farmleigh on September 18 is a great start to what could be the next phase of our country’s development, whereby Ireland reaches out to the diaspora’

‘we should try to imagine a greater Ireland that transcends geography’

‘to maximise the sharing of ideas and engagement between participants, while facilitating concrete outcomes’

‘a step towards addressing our current economic challenges and a platform for the development of a long term strategy which will channel the enormous potential of this global community. The positive reaction with which invitees have greeted the initiative augurs well for its success’

‘over the past 6 years alone, the Government has provided some €60million in funding to Irish Diaspora organisations and projects and in 2007 organised a successful Diaspora conference in Dublin Castle. The Forum builds on this work’

Thoughts here…?

Tourism, review of citizenship rights, art and heritage, and a Global Irish Network?

Great initiative, and definitely looking forward to seeing the results.

Here’s the official forum website.

Post Forum Update: here’s the subsequent forum report published by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Global Irish Economic Forum – Part II



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