Irish Accent

The Irish lilt has topped a poll of the ‘World’s Sexiest Accent’!

5,000 women worldwide voted Italian second, Scottish third, and the French were demoted to fourth place!

Colin FarrellActor Colin Farrell seems to have done it for the ladies, and French president Nicolas Sarkozy is credited with blowing it for the French. He is reported as single-handedly changing the perception of how the world sees French men.

Here’s the top ten:

1. Irish
2. Italian
3. Scottish
4. French
5. Australian
6. English
7. Swedish
8. Spanish
9. Welsh
10. American

The Poll was carried out by

Bit of fun methinks, but worth a mention!

Oh, and also worth a peek… English man wakes up with an Irish accent after brain operation!

and this… Cork accent!

No guarantees!!





Irish Accent — 4 Comments

  1. What a great blog! (I wasn't named "ginger" for nothin' yanno! ;)) I have some friends I'm going to have to send your way, nicely done! ComLuv and ID comments look great too!

    And, on topic… I personally don't know one woman who doesn't think the top four accents listed here aren't super sexy!

    • Hey Ginger, thanks for dropping by..
      Door is always open true Irish style – kettle never gets cold!

      Thanks for the compliment – it's our first attempt at this 'webby stuff'! so still learning the ropes. I'll be popping over and getting some tips!

      And b'jazus girl, och aye, tres welcome, ciao :-)

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