Doughty Hanson

To the people at the top, a short message to say that the reporting by one of your assets (TV3 Ireland) on the health of Irish Minister Brian Lenihan was perceived by the majority of Irish viewers as cheap, disrespectful, and tasteless.

Irish people on the whole tend to put a high value on life, and using information about someone’s personal state of health to report a so-called ‘scoop’ isn’t well received.

One wonders if there is pressure on TV3 to improve financial performance, and whether the UK model of moulding audiences into acceptance of lower standards is part of a strategy. Your address, Pall Mall, London, is historically associated with Gentlemen’s Clubs and Fine Art – that doesn’t sit well with what is perceived as a crude tabloid style.

(In case you are unaware of what you are associated with).

If Doughty Hanson want to make profit from the Irish market we’d appreciate it if you could ensure your media assets offer consistent value and decent standards to Irish society in return. If you want to be gentlemen you might ask your Director of News at TV3 to issue a sincere apology to Mr Lenihan and his family.


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