RTE TV can now be watched internationally, with some restrictions, using the online RTE PLAYER catch-up service. It’s free, and you can get a variety of programmes up to 21 days after they’ve been broadcast on RTÉ 1 and 2.

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The RTE Player went live in April 2009 but was initially limited to viewers in Ireland. Enabling the service to other countries is a great move. There are some restrictions which prevent streaming of certain programmes, and blocks some territories, however RTE have stated they will continue to add more content as they acquire new rights.

The service is easy to use and well laid out, and you can also catch up with the latest on their rolling news channel. You can use a search box, look for programmes using an A-Z index, or flick through the online calendar, and overall the presentation is quite attractive.

RTE TV Player

One other thought…

RTE are also obliged to provide an international terrestial service and this has been delayed since 2008. Initially planned for the UK, and latterly Central Europe and North America, hopefully this won’t be put back further as a result of the online presence. There is a large audience out there who are not regular Internet users, and it would be a blow to expectations if there was additional delay, or a switch in direction that excluded many of those who would welcome it.

So, will this be the year that the Irish abroad can also hit RTE TV on the remote?



RTE TV — 4 Comments

  1. The Irish Goverment and RTE allow Sky tv into Ireland, at a very expencive cost, in value for money
    Look at the full price of the sky package in the UK, and the price of the full package in Ireland, and why dont the Irish Goverment and RTE allow the Irish Channels on Satelite free to all of the Irish people abroad, instead of allowing SKY to rib of the Irish People at home, Shame on you all,


  2. In the last 48 hours, I have been unable to obtain RTE programmes that were previously available, such as Miriam O’Callaghan’s Saturday Night Show, and Nationwide.

    Almost simultaneously, I am solicited, every time I go to RTE’s web site, to take a survey. I did it once, but once is enough.

    Significantly, some of the questions asked whether I would be willing to pay to receive RTE programmes and, if so, which ones.

    Is RTE now going to try to bleed the very people who have been driven from the country in order to earn a living – people to whom web sites like RTE and The Irish Times are daily links with the life they have been forced to leave behind?

    Is this cherishing the diaspora, as Mary Robinson so dearly wanted to do?

    Is it likely to boost Minister Vradkar’s Homecoming project?

    Or is it likely to inspire even more bitterness and resentment among those of us who are paying the price for corrupt politicians and bankers?

  3. i live in west australia, i understand the english grab all they can get, understand we irish have to stick together, stop bitching about a few bob to keep in contact and help our r,t,e to grow,

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