Ireland Homecoming Study Programme

The Ireland Homecoming Study Programme (IHSP) was launched as a pilot on March 16th 2010 in Washington D.C by An Taoiseach Mr. Brian Cowen, and is part of the strategy initiated at the Farmleigh diaspora conference last year.

Ireland Homecoming Study ProgrammeThe programme is available to the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Irish emigrants and offers a semester of study, two semesters, or an entire undergraduate degree at one of Irelands Institutes of Technology.

Non-European students have to pay fees to study in Ireland, but the new scheme means that those who qualify will pay up to 40pc less than the normal rate – hence of particular interest to those outside of the EU. Students will be able to stay with Irish families so it’s also a fantastic opportunity to add to the cultural experience whilst in Ireland.

The deadline for applications is July 4th 2010, and spaces may vary from Institute to Institute. You can get more information and register your interest at the IHSP Website.

A great initiative, and here’s hoping the programme becomes a permanent fixture well into the future.


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