Your Country Your Call


This proposal consists of two stages:

1 : Revisiting our history and reflecting on its relevance in a modern context.
2 : Strengthening the global relationship in a recognisable and meaningful way.


Production of a series of documentaries from around the world that:

  • Explore the early stories of Irish emigration to those regions
  • Highlight the impact and achievements of Irish emigrants in those regions
  • Portray the contemporary relationship between Ireland and the Irish and Irish descent abroad, their personal links to Ireland, their sense of Ireland from afar, their life in their country of residence, and what it means to have an Irish heritage

In essence each documentary having three distinct segments that reflect on what it means to be part of the Global Irish community; a step-by-step account that focusses on the story of the Irish from the moment of arrival on a foreign shore to life in the contemporary world.

Broadcast monthly on Irish television, and available online to a global audience.
Released on DVD for national and international distribution.

THE EMERALD CARD – A Sign Of Recognition

Introduction of a global ‘Emerald Card’ that anyone can apply for on proof of an Irish heritage.

Introduction of tourist, travel, leisure and hospitality sector initiatives in Ireland where presentation of the Emerald Card entitles the holder to various forms of acknowledgement.

That’s the proposal. It isn’t meant to distract from areas such as citizenship rights etc, more to put some focus back on the history of the Global Irish, and to bring that story home.

If you like the idea you can give it a ‘thumbs up’ at the your country your call website (if you’ve registered), and if you have any comments you can leave them below.

UPDATE: 15th June 2010.
The competition closed on April 30th and the two winning proposals will be announced on 17th September 2010. Doesn’t look like the idea for an Emerald / Discount Card is in the running, but at least the government seems to think it’s a good idea – as reported in the Irish times.

(Not sure why they’d put a 5 year limit on it though, after all an Irish heritage is for life, right?)


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