Famine Memorial Day 2010

Extracts from a letter by Alan Hennessy (Co.Cork) and Terrance O’Dwyer (New York) to Minister O’Cuiv:

National Famine Memorial Day : 16th May 2010.

Dear Madame Secretary,

We are an Irishman (Mr. Hennessey) and an Irish-American (O’Dwyer) who are concerned over the seeming lack of awareness of the upcoming National Famine Memorial Day.

Mr. O’Dwyer did not know of the 2009 Commemoration, but learned off through Mr. Hennessey, and together we have discovered that many–if not most people of Irish descent are simply unaware that May 16th is a day of remembrance in Ireland.

In an attempt to increase awareness among the Irish Internet community, we have started a National Famine Memorial Day page on the website Facebook. That said, our expectations are not high – we would consider our efforts to be extraordinarily successful were we to attract 1000 people to our group.

We recognize this period is busy for you and the Committee. Nevertheless, we respectfully ask that the committee issue a statement asking all Irish people outside of Ireland to pause for just 60 seconds at noontime [local time] on May 16 as a gesture of remembrance of the victims of An Gorta Mór.

Our common objective is simple: to increase awareness of National Famine Memorial Day.

Yours faithfully ,

Alan Hennessy,
Member of the Irish Academy of Public Relations and Communications

Terrance O’Dwyer
New York.

Well done Alan and Terrance, and let’s get past that 1000 mark!



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  1. As I was searching on the web to see if Ireland has something similar to our American holiday, Memorial Day, I came upon several articles about the Irish National Famine Memorial Day. Although there have been many observances of this sad occasion in the past, May 17, 2009 marked the first annual National Famine Memorial Day.

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