Rose of Tralee 2010 – Clare Kambamettu

On the night update!
London do it again, 2nd year in a row! – and a big congratulations to our new Rose, Clare Kambamettu, a worthy winner and a lovely girl.

London - Clare Kambamettu

Reckon her dad ‘ll be riding that horse through Athy doing yeehahs all the way :-)

And here’s all the roses for 2010….

Arizona Danielle McBurnett

Arizona - Danielle McBurnett

Belfast Frances Rafferty

Belfast - Frances Rafferty

Boston Deirdre Keane

Boston - Deirdre Keane

Carlow Jessica Adamson

Carlow - Jessica Adamson

Cork Laura Mitchell

Cork - Laura Mitchell

Darwin Valerie OHalloran

Darwin - Valerie O'Halloran

Down Gemma Murphy

Down - Gemma Murphy

Dubai Elaine Rael

Dubai - Elaine Rael

Dublin Niamh Sherlock

Dublin - Niamh Sherlock

Germany Ruth Levins

Germany - Ruth Levins

Kerry Veronica Hunt

Kerry - Veronica Hunt

Laois Bernadette Ryan

Laois - Bernadette Ryan

Leicester Aishling Ryan

Leicester - Aishling Ryan

Leitrim Martha Gilheaney

Leitrim - Martha Gilheaney

Liverpool Aine Shine

Liverpool - Aine Shine

London Clare Kambamettu

London - Clare Kambamettu

Luxembourg Clare McGing

Luxembourg - Clare McGing

New Orleans Lizzy Wales

New Orleans - Lizzy Wales

New York Katie Dunleavy

New York - Katie Dunleavy

New Zealand Elizabeth Sara

New Zealand - Elizabeth Sara

Perth Mollie Hartley

Perth - Mollie Hartley

Philadelphia Mairead Conley

Philadelphia - Mairead Conley

Queensland Aisling Ryan

Queensland - Aisling Ryan

San Francisco Roisin Hunt

San Francisco - Roisin Hunt

South Australia Bridget O'Connell

South Australia - Bridget O'Connell

Southern California Sarah Felong

Southern California - Sarah Felong

Sunderland Noreen Feeney

Sunderland - Noreen Feeney

Sydney Louise Lenihan

Sydney - Lousie Lenihan

Adrienne Hussey

Texas - Adrienne Hussey

Tipperary Lynda Kelly

Tipperary - Lynda Kelly

Toronto Yvonne Herber

Toronto - Yvonne Herber

Washington DC Katherine Walsh

Washington DC - Kathering Walsh

Rose of Tralee, 2010 – All good fun as usual!





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