Promising Ireland Campaign – The Worldwide Ireland Funds

The Promising Ireland Campaign is a philanthropic initiative launched by The Ireland Funds in 2009 to raise much-needed assistance for Irish charities. The initial goal was to raise $100 million by the end of 2013, however that target was reached in May this year and The Ireland Funds are now hoping to achieve $140 million in the same timeframe.

Announcing the new goal in Cork, 22nd June, 2012, President and CEO, Kieran McLoughlin said, ‘The response to the Promising Ireland campaign is an affirmation of our donors’ belief in Ireland’s future.’

The Ireland Funds have already assisted over 1200 projects in Ireland ‘supporting worthy and innovative programs that are caring for Ireland’s children, preserving Irish heritage and culture, advancing education, fostering reconciliation and peace in Northern Ireland and assisting those that need it most‘, and if the 2013 target is reached will have raised in excess of $470 million since its inception in 1976.

The Funds are one of the largest private funding sources for innovative work across the island of Ireland, and hosts nearly 100 events each year educating 40,000 new and existing supporters annually.

It’s an impressive organisation with great doners dedicated to making a real difference yet, as is the nature of philanthropy, their fantastic generosity often goes unnoticed.


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