Map of Irish Counties – with flags!

I was looking for an Irish counties map that also showed the county flag, but surprisingly it didn’t appear to exist. Now, after some serious photoshop time, we have one!

Hope you like it, and feel free to copy if you have a use for it; but be kind and credit us – it took a few hours to create :)

Irish Counties

Here’s some variations of the above. English text without flags, and an Irish version of both (click on a map to get the full size image):

Irish Counties Map No Flags

Irish Counties Map – No Flags

Irish Counties Map - Irish Translation

Irish Counties – Irish Translation

Irish Counties Map - Irish Translation - No Flags

Irish Translation – No Flags

And here’s an alphabetical list of Irish counties, including the Irish translation and the meaning of the county name:

Antrim County Flag Antrim Aontroim Ulster Lone ridge
Armagh County Flag Armagh Ard Mhacha Ulster Macha’s height (An Irish goddess)
Carlow County Flag Carlow Ceatharlach Leinster Place of cattle
Cavan County Flag Cavan An Cabhán Ulster The hollow
Clare County Flag Clare An Clár Munster Either ‘plain’ or ‘clear’
Cork County Flag Cork Corcaigh Munster Swamp
Derry County Flag Derry Doire Ulster ‘Oak-grove” or ‘oak-wood’
Donegal County Flag Donegal Dún na nGall Ulster Stronghold of the foreigners
Down County Flag Down An Dún Ulster Named after its county town, Downpatrick
Dublin County Flag Dublin Áth Cliath / Duibhlinn Leinster Hurdled ford / Black pool
Fermanagh County Flag Fermanagh Fear Manach Ulster Men of Manach
Galway County Flag Galway Gaillimh Connacht Stoney
Kerry County Flag Kerry Ciarraí Munster People of Ciar
Kildare County Flag Kildare Cill Dara Leinster Church of the oak
Kilkenny County Flag Kilkenny Cill Chainnigh Leinster Church of Cainnech
Laois County Flag Laois Laois Leinster People of Lugaid Laígne
Leitrim County Flag Leitrim Liatroim Connacht Grey Ridge
Limerick County Flag Limerick Luimneach Munster Possibly ‘bare spot’
Longford County Flag Longford An Longfort Leinster The port
Louth County Flag Louth Leinster Named after the Irish god Lugh
Mayo County Flag Mayo Maigh Eo Connacht Plain of the yew
Meath County Flag Meath An Mhí Leinster The middle
Monaghan County Flag Monaghan Muineachán Ulster Land of the little hills
Offaly County Flag Offaly Uíbh Fhailí Leinster Gaelic territory of Uí Failghe
Roscommon County Flag Roscommon Ros Comáin Connacht Comán’s wood
Sligo County Flag Sligo Sligeach Connacht Shelly place
Tipperary County Flag Tipperary Tiobraid Árann Munster Well of the Arra
Tyrone County Flag Tyrone Tír Eoghain Ulster Land of Eoghan
Waterford County Flag Waterford Port Láirge Munster Larag’s port
Westmeath County Flag Westmeath An Iarmhí Leinster West Meath
Wexford County Flag Wexford Loch Garman Leinster Garman’s lake / inlet
Wicklow County Flag Wicklow Cill Mhantáin Leinster Church of Mantan




Map of Irish Counties – with flags! — 4 Comments

  1. Nice job. However, please note that these are the official county flags of the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), well suited for use, but not governmental flags of any county.

    • Hi Ruth,

      The only ones we have are here on the site. If you click on any of them a window should pop up with the A4 version. Not sure about Macs, but if you’re using a PC then right click on the pop-up and you’re welcome to save a copy to your local machine.

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