Gathering The Gathering – going cosmic!

This looks like good craic…

At the end of 2013 Blackrock Castle Observatory (Cork Institute of Technology) will be sending a postcard from Ireland to the planet Epsilon Eridani B.  The Gathering is going cosmic!

About 10.5 light years away, you can see it’s nearest star, southerly direction near Orion, fairly low in the sky.  I didn’t know we knew anyone up there, but sure don’t the Irish get everywhere!
The Gathering - Epsilon Eridani B
So what’s the news?  Well that’s up to you..!

Niall Smith, observatory director, is inviting everyone celebrating The Gathering in 2013 to contribute.  You’ll be able to upload photos, audio, or video of anything you’ve enjoyed, and your messages will be sent first class – by the observatory’s powerful radio telescope.

It’ll still take a decade to get there though, so things might have moved on a bit by the time the postman arrives.

There’s a new Facebook page where you can make Epsilonian friends, and the GtG website goes live at midnight on new year’s eve and will remain active throughout next year.

The plan is to “record the pulse of Ireland and its people, at home or abroad”, and get the word out. Postcard snippets will be on exhibit at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, and on the GtG website, from the end of 2013.  More info here.

Great idea by the observatory, and I imagine it’ll be packed with some entertaining stuff :)

Back to Epsilon Eridani, now I think about it I do know a fella who emigrated over there.  He’s a bit confused about where he is, but at least he keeps in touch :)


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