The World Will Little Note, Nor Long Remember…

President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address took place this week 150 years ago, and is noted as one of the great speeches of the past. Dedicated to the momentous battle four months earlier in 1863, it is commemorated within the US as a key point in American history.

Approx 170,000 Irish men and women served in the American Civil War and many thousands were killed, yet we lack any real state recognition within Ireland for those who served or lost their lives.

We do however have Damian Shiels and his wonderful website, Irish in the American Civil War, a treasure trove of fascinating information. Damian focuses on the “social impact and consequences of the war, told through personal stories”, and both his research and his passion for the subject draws you in to the point where you forget the time and just keep reading!

You can visit his website here, and hopefully at some point Ireland will draw from works such as this and establish an appropriate commemoration of its own.


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