I’m Interested, and I Object

I’ve avoided this subject until now…

Israel, the Palestinian people, and the land in the West Bank.

On Sunday, it was reported that Israel intends to expropriate the largest single area of West Bank land in decades – almost 1000 acres in a settlement bloc near Bethlehem.

Hot on the heels of the recent conflict and thousands of deaths, it undermines the chance of successful dialogue between the Israelis and Palestinians. It’s antagonistic, against the spirit of the ceasefire, and contrary to the ideal of a two state solution. No ‘new horizon’ or ‘a better future for all’, just provocation and the possibility of peace pushed further away, again.

It also contradicts the message that Israel’s issue is with Hamas, and not the Palestinian people.

So why do it?

During operation ‘Protective Edge’ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s popularity was up around 80%, however that dropped to 32% when it became apparent the operation had achieved little. The PM now finds himself having to appease his critics, and the result is a large scale land grab.

This political knee-jerk is just another step in the wrong direction. It impedes progress, denies equality, further threatens freedom and security, and continues down the path of never-ending violence. True leadership would set out a vision for a workable future where compromise is central.

The propaganda from opposing sides is also tiresome so i’ll just say the Palestinians are not ISIL, the Israeli people are not today’s Nazis, and despite the Israeli embassy warning “Israel today, Dublin tomorrow”, rockets are not heading over the Irish Sea and ‘terror tunnels’ won’t be popping up under Grafton St anytime soon. The $100,000,000,000+ US tax/wealth export hasn’t bought peace, and the same can be said about AIPAC’s driving influence on US/ME foreign policy. I don’t expect the next $100 billion to change things either.

Propaganda campaigns are about reinforcing positions rather then looking for alternatives, and they use words to mask actions. Intended to polarise and protect vested interests, they are often best ignored.

Israel has allowed 45 days for interested parties to object to the land expropriation. Just a single voice, but in the hope of some steps in the right direction…

“I’m interested, and I object”


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