Ahern Clan

Gaelic variations: Ó hEachthigheirn, Ó hEachthigherna, Ó hEichthigheirn, Ó hEachthighearna, Ó hEachiairn. Ó hEachthighearna: “lord of the horse”. Anglicised variations: Ahern(e), Ahearn(e), Hearn(e), O’Hearn(e). The family are said to be descended from Echtigern who was a brother of the High … Continue reading

Cassidy Clan

Gaelic variations: Ó Caiside. Anglicised variations: Casada, Casaday, Cassada, Cassaday, Cassady, Cassedy, Cassetty, Cassida, Cassity. “Men of peace, culture and scholarship”. An active and vibrant clan building bonds among all Cassidys and their descendants from County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (where … Continue reading

MacAuliffe Clan

Gaelic: MacAmhlaoibh. Anglicised variations: Mac-Auliffe, McAwliffe, Mac Auliff, McAufflie, McAuliffee, McCouliff, Couliff, Mc Culliff, Culliff, Cauliff, Auliffe, McCorlif, McCorliff, Mac Auliffe, MacAuliffe, Macaulife, McAuliffe, MacAuliff, McAuliff, McAulliffe, MacCauliffe, McCauliffe, McAlliffe, McOlliff, McOlive. County of origin: Cork. Home place: Newmarket. “Far … Continue reading