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We welcome submissions:

Articles likely to get published

  • Personal stories that relate to your Irish history, heritage, or experiences in another country
  • Projects, causes, events, outside of Ireland, that have a distinct Irish flavour
  • Projects or causes, inside Ireland, directly relevant to the diaspora
  • References to new, good quality, free resources that would of interest to the diaspora

We’re also open to articles that publicise events celebrating Irish culture.

Articles that typically won’t get published

  • Business or commercial promotions / product or service advertising


  1. Quality: decent grammar and spell-checking goes without saying – if it’s a mess we won’t publish it. If we spot the odd typo we’ll correct it, and we might apply minor changes that improve the overall article.
  2. Title: put some thought into this and suggest a title. Make sure it’s relevant to the content of your article.
  3. Original content: don’t submit content that has been published elsewhere. Write a new original article.
  4. Tone: write in your natural voice. Don’t feel like you have to write like someone else. Make your article interesting, and try to avoid writing 50 words when 20 might achieve the same. The overall length of the article is up to you, but aim for not less than 320 words.
  5. Images: pictures generate interest. If you include an image please state any required credits. We may edit your picture to make sure nearby paragraphs remain easy to read.
  6. External Links: an article can contain links to other sites that it references, limited to a maximum of two, and definitely no affiliate links.
  7. Response to comments: you don’t have to respond to all comments, but if someone leaves a considered response to your article we’d appreciate it if you’d reply.
  8. Contact details: if appropriate, your article should end with your contact details (website, social networking link(s), or email address etc). If you want people to make contact with you let them know how to do it.

Drop us an email outlining what you’d like to write about, and we’ll get back to you.


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PS: Reminder – we won’t publish articles aimed at promoting / advertising a commercial venture.